Technical specifications of the world’s largest hydrostatic bulldozer Liebherr PR776


Liebherr PR776 is a large crawler dozer manufactured by Liebherr. These powerful machines are designed to be used effectively in tough jobs. The PR776 has an engine power of 768 horsepower and has a large payload with a weight of 77 tons. Liebherr PR776 shows high performance even in tough terrain conditions. Its durable structure and high traction allow it to work effectively even in difficult soil conditions. It also offers an ergonomic cabin for operators to work comfortably and efficiently.


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Another feature of the Liebherr PR776 is its wide range of applications. This dozer can be used for a wide variety of jobs in mining, construction, quarrying and other fields. It can be used effectively in jobs such as soil leveling, road construction, rock breaking and high-volume material handling. In addition, the PR776 has advantages such as high efficiency, reliability and low operating costs. It is also noteworthy that the Liebherr PR776 is equipped with up-to-date technologies. These machines can support GPS-based guidance and control systems, allowing operators to work more precisely and optimizing business processes. It may also have advanced features such as automated processing and data analytics.

The Liebherr PR776 is used successfully in many industries, from large construction projects to mining and quarrying, for its strength, durability and versatility. It is designed to provide fast and efficient work in large-scale projects. The PR776 has a user-friendly control panel and an ergonomic seat, allowing operators to work comfortably for long hours. It is also equipped with advanced safety features, designed to maximize operators’ safety.


Liebherr PR776
Liebherr PR776


The Liebherr PR776 reflects the quality of Liebherr, an engineering company specializing in the construction industry, with its high performance, durability and user-oriented design. It goes through a meticulous production process in order to be able to work successfully in all kinds of challenging conditions. Liebherr’s years of experience and innovative engineering approach ensure that the PR776 meets high standards of quality and reliability. In addition, Liebherr attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and provides after-sales support. Spare parts and services are available for the PR776, ensuring that customers can always run their machines efficiently.


Let’s take a closer look at the key specific features of the Liebherr PR776


Engine Power: The PR776 is equipped with a powerful 768 horsepower engine. This provides high performance in demanding jobs.

Weight Capacity: This crawler dozer has a large payload with a weight of 77 tons. It can effectively transport high volume materials.

Traction Power: PR776 can work effectively even in difficult terrain conditions with its high traction power. Thanks to its high torque, it provides high performance even in difficult soil conditions.

User-Friendly Control Panel: Provides an ergonomic control panel for operators to work comfortably and efficiently. The arm is equipped with a durable seat and user-friendly control buttons. This increases operators’ comfort and operating efficiency during extended runs.

GPS and Auto Control Support: The PR776 can support GPS-based guidance and control systems. This feature provides the possibility to work more precisely and to optimize business processes. It also has advanced features such as automatic processing and data analytics.

Safety Features: The PR776 is designed to maximize operator safety. Safety features such as emergency stop, reversing camera and collision avoidance systems are available.

Wide Range of Applications: PR776 has a wide range of applications in mining, construction, quarries and many other industries. It can be used effectively in a variety of jobs such as ground leveling, road construction, wind power projects and more.

Service and Spare Parts Support: Liebherr attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and offers comprehensive after-sales support for the PR776. It enables customers to operate their machines efficiently with spare parts and services.

Quality and Reliability: Liebherr is known for its many years of experience and engineering quality. The PR776 is meticulously manufactured to meet Liebherr’s high standards of quality and reliability. Liebherr PR776 has remarkable features with its strength, durability and user-friendly design.


Liebherr PR776 specific features
Liebherr PR776 specific features


Let’s take a look at other specific features of the PR776


Hydraulic System: The PR776 is equipped with an optimized hydraulic system for high efficiency. This provides fast and precise movements.

Bucket Capacity: The PR776’s large and robust bucket makes it easy to handle high volumes of materials. There are different types of buckets according to the need.

Low Fuel Consumption: PR776 also draws attention with its fuel efficiency. It provides low fuel consumption thanks to advanced technologies and optimized engine performance.

Easy Maintenance and Service Access: The PR776 is designed to facilitate maintenance and service access. It has a design that provides quick and easy access to especially important components. This reduces maintenance times and increases business continuity.

Sound Insulation: The PR776’s sound isolation features improve operator comfort and working environment. It increases the concentration of the operator by reducing the noise and provides a comfortable working environment for long hours.

Eco-Friendly Design: Liebherr is sensitive to the environment and manufactures machines such as the PR776 in accordance with eco-friendly design principles. Features such as low emissions and energy efficiency support environmental sustainability.

Automatic Control Systems: The PR776 specifically supports automatic control systems to optimize business processes. This provides more precise operation and efficiency.

Maximum Traction: PR776 has high traction power even in difficult terrain conditions thanks to its specially designed tracks and traction systems. This allows the operator to complete the job more easily and efficiently.

Forward Vision Technology: The PR776 is equipped with advanced cameras and sensors that provide better vision for the operator. This improves safety and work efficiency.


Liebherr PR776 other specific features
Liebherr PR776 other specific features


The Liebherr PR776 is a machine with a wide range of specific features. These features aim to optimize operator comfort, productivity and safety. In addition, carefully manufactured to meet Liebherr’s standards for quality and reliability, the PR776 offers long-lasting performance. In addition to these specific features, the Liebherr PR776 has the ability to perform outstandingly even in harsh environments such as dispersed soils, rocks or rough terrain. Operators can control accurate and precise movements and perform their work more efficiently. The Liebherr PR776 is a reliable and impressive machine used in many sectors such as the construction and mining industry. It can help you get your work done faster, more efficiently, and more securely.

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