Liebherr 974 Excavator transport is as big as its specs


Liebherr 974 is an excavator model manufactured by Liebherr. This model is a powerful machine that finds wide use in areas such as construction and mining. The Liebherr 974 is a 135-tonne heavy-duty machine with a large working radius. Known for its high performance, this excavator is designed to handle tough and heavy-duty jobs. This model features a high capacity bucket and powerful hydraulic system. In addition, an ergonomic cabin and user-friendly controls are available to increase operators’ comfort.


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The Liebherr 974 stands out for its reliability, durability and ease of use. Customers who prefer this machine, which has features that increase work efficiency, can gain great advantages in large-scale construction projects and mining operations.


Liebherr 974
Liebherr 974


Here are some detailed technical specifications of the Liebherr 974


Weight: Approx. 135 tons
Engine Power: 750 kW (1012 hp)
Bucket Capacity: 4.5 – 7.8 m³
Maximum Digging Depth: Up to 7.2 meters
Maximum Dig Radius: Up to 18.2 meters
Maximum Lifting Capacity: 14 tons
Hydraulic System: High pressure system, optimized for precise and fast movements
Cab: Ergonomic design, high visibility for comfort and operator safety
Automation: Optional automatic excavation and leveling systems
Fuel Efficiency: Low fuel consumption thanks to advanced technology and optimized performance


Liebherr 974 Excavator specs
Liebherr 974 Excavator specs


Other important specific features of the Liebherr 974


Engine: The Liebherr D9508 A7 engine offers high power and efficiency. It is equipped with advanced technology and provides low fuel consumption.
Excavation and Loading Performance: It provides high productivity thanks to its excellent grip and fast work cycle. Optionally, automatic excavation and leveling systems are also available.

Hydraulic System: The high pressure hydraulic system is optimized for precise and powerful movements. Intelligent hydraulic valve technology enables error-free and controlled operations.

Cab and Operator Comfort: Spacious interior, ergonomic design and low-vibration structure allow the operator to have a comfortable experience even during long-term work. The cabin has special insulation features to reduce noise and offers high visibility.

Safety Features: Liebherr 974 prioritizes operator and worker safety. A safe working environment is provided thanks to features such as emergency hearing system, environmental sensing sensors, and a reversing camera.

Automation and Efficiency: Optional automated excavation and leveling systems accelerate work processes and reduce operator workload. Intelligent control systems increase efficiency by optimizing fuel consumption.

Ease of Maintenance: The Liebherr 974 has components that are accessible to facilitate regular maintenance. Easily accessible lubrication points and filters make maintenance processes faster and easier. In addition, thanks to technological features such as remote monitoring and diagnostics, the condition of the machine and its maintenance needs can be actively monitored.

High Maneuverability: Liebherr 974 has high maneuverability with its wide operating radius and four-wheel steering system. This makes it easier to work in tight spaces and provides operational flexibility.

Liebherr 974 is a preferred construction machine in the industry with its powerful performance, operator comfort, safety features and ease of maintenance. It can be customized in special projects to suit your specific needs. Liebherr, with its customer-centric approach, offers a variety of add-ons, accessories and options that can be perfectly adapted to meet the specific requirements of your operations. For example, you can add various mine protection and surveillance systems to the Liebherr 974 for mining projects. You can also customize the bucket capacity or add extra hydraulic functions to suit different applications. The ability to customize the Liebherr 974 to suit your specific needs gives you the flexibility to deliver the best performance and efficiency in your projects.


Liebherr 974 Shipping steps


Transportation of large-scale construction equipment such as the Liebherr 974 often requires specialized handling equipment and operations. Shipping of this type of machine usually involves the following steps.


Shipping Planning: The first step is to plan the logistics details, such as where the machine will be picked up and where it will be transported. This includes the appropriate transport route, permits, route analysis and target delivery dates.

Transport Equipment: Special transport equipment is required to transport large construction equipment such as the Liebherr 974. This can often be flatbed trucks, special transport trailers or shipping containers. Transport equipment must be suitably equipped to safely transport and secure the machine.

Safety Precautions: Safety precautions are very important when transporting the machine. Since construction machines have high weights and dimensions, correct fixation and balanced load distribution must be provided. This should be done with care to avoid any damage during transit.

Permissions and Compatibility: Transporting large construction equipment is often subject to weight and size restrictions. During shipping planning, it is important to obtain necessary permits from local authorities and comply with appropriate standards.

Tracking and Tracking: Advanced tracking technologies can be used to monitor the location and condition of the machine during shipping.

Professional Transport Services: Transporting large-scale construction equipment can be a complex process. Therefore, it is generally recommended to work with professional transport companies. These companies ensure safe and efficient transport of the machine with their experienced teams and specialized transport equipment.

Delivery and Assembly: Once the machine arrives at its destination, an appropriate assembly and installation process may be required. This should be done by professional teams and it should be ensured that the machine is installed correctly.

Shipping time may vary depending on local legal requirements, transport distance and other factors. For this reason, for the transport of large construction equipment such as the Liebherr 974, it is important to properly plan, comply with the constantly updated transport regulations of the permit. Working with a professional shipping company can help you with their experience and expertise in this process. In addition, the safety and protection of construction equipment during transportation is also important. Therefore, various safety precautions should be taken and insurance should be provided when necessary. The transportation of large construction equipment such as the Liebherr 974 is a complex process that requires proper planning, compliance and professional support. By taking the right precautions, you can ensure safe and trouble-free transport of the machine.


Liebherr 974 excavator transport
Liebherr 974 excavator transport
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