Komatsu WA800-8E0 Loader’s huge features have difficulty fitting on the roads

Komatsu WA800-8E0 is a leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment from Komatsu Ltd. It is a powerful and versatile wheel loader manufactured by. This model is designed specifically for heavy-duty loading and transport applications and offers excellent performance, durability and productivity.


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With its 5-meter width, the Komatsu WA800-8E0 Loader reaches the distance of two wheels, covering the entire road when traveling to the task site. Transporting to another mine is not at all easy for this giant loader, which increases efficiency in mine sites with its large bucket advantage. The routes for this process are determined weeks in advance. Necessary permits must be obtained. Generally, the road to be crossed is closed to traffic by the authorities at those hours.


Specific features of the Komatsu WA800-8E0 wheel loader


Size and Capacity: WA800-8E0 is a large wheel loader suitable for transporting heavy materials in various industries. It has an operating weight of approximately 115.53t and a bucket capacity of approximately 11.5 cubic metres. This enables the efficient loading and transportation of large quantities of materials such as coal, aggregates and ore.

Engine Power: The wheel loader is equipped with a powerful engine that provides high performance and fuel efficiency. The WA800-8E0 typically has a 12-cylinder Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 engine producing 638 kW net power. This ensures solid operation and enables the loader to handle demanding tasks with ease.


Komatsu WA800-8E0 Specific features
Komatsu WA800-8E0 Specific features


Other key features of the Komatsu WA800-8E0 wheel loader


Transmission: The loader comes with an advanced transmission system that offers smooth and precise shifting and efficient power delivery. It typically features an automatic powershift transmission with variable shift control, allowing smooth gear changes and optimum performance under different loading conditions.

Operator Comfort: Komatsu attaches great importance to operator comfort and ergonomics in its equipment, and the WA800-8E0 is no exception. It has a spacious and comfortable cabin with excellent visibility, low noise levels and ergonomic controls. Operator comfort is further increased with an air suspension seat, adjustable steering column and climate control system.

Productivity and Efficiency: The WA800-8E0 is equipped with a variety of features and technologies that increase productivity and efficiency. It has high breakout force for powerful digging and loading, improved fuel efficiency thanks to optimized engine control and an intelligent transmission modulation system. These factors contribute to increased productivity and reduced operating costs.

Safety: The wheel loader prioritizes operator safety with a variety of essential safety features. It includes a backup alarm, rearview camera and advanced monitoring systems to ensure the operator has excellent visibility and situational awareness. The loader also includes non-slip steps, guardrails and sturdy platforms for safe access and maintenance.

Ease of Maintenance and Service: WA800-8E0 is designed to provide ease of maintenance and service. It includes ground-level access to daily service points, centralized greasing points for proper lubrication, and advanced diagnostic systems to facilitate timely maintenance checks and troubleshooting.


Komatsu WA800-8E0 features
Komatsu WA800-8E0 features


An overview of the Komatsu WA800-8E0 wheel loader


Komatsu WA800-8E0 wheel loader is a robust and efficient machine suitable for heavy load loading and transportation in construction, quarrying and mining operations. Its powerful engine, high capacity bucket, operator comfort features and focus on productivity make it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

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