Features of Komatsu D575A Bulldozer that make it the world’s largest

Komatsu D575A is a leading construction and mining equipment manufacturer Komatsu Ltd. It is an ultra-large bulldozer produced by. This model is specifically designed for heavy-duty earthmoving and mining operations, offering exceptional power, performance and durability.


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The D575A has much larger dimensions and a much larger engine than other bulldozers. This presents limited workspace in terms of its usability. For this reason, its production has been limited. So far, there are 60 Bulldozers serving in mining areas in different parts of the world.


Specific features of the Komatsu D575A bulldozer


Size and Power: The D575A is one of the largest bulldozers available, with an operating weight of approximately 153,000 kg (337,307 lbs) and a blade capacity of approximately 69 cubic meters (90 cubic yards). It is powered by a Komatsu SA12V170E-2 engine producing 1,150 kW (1,540 hp) net power. This immense power allows the bulldozer to efficiently process up to 152,600 kg of material.

Blade and Ripper: The bulldozer has a large, heavy-duty 69 m3 capacity blade designed for aggressive cutting and pushing applications. The blade can be equipped with different types of cutting edges, allowing it to adapt to various ground conditions. Additionally, it can be combined with a ripper attachment to drill and split tough materials more effectively.


Komatsu D575A Specific features
Komatsu D575A Specific features


Other important features of the Komatsu D575A bulldozer


Track System: The D575A is equipped with a sturdy track system that provides excellent traction and stability. It features upgraded gear drive technology that helps distribute the weight of the bulldozer evenly on the rails. This design increases the stability of the machine and minimizes the impact on sensitive terrain by reducing ground pressure.

Operator Comfort: Komatsu prioritizes operator comfort in all its equipment, and the D575A is no exception. The bulldozer is equipped with a spacious and well-designed cab that offers the operator a comfortable working environment. Features such as air conditioning, ergonomic controls and adjustable seats contribute to reducing operator fatigue during long working hours.

Advanced Technology: The D575A includes advanced technology and control systems to increase performance and efficiency. It uses an electronic control system that optimizes engine performance, fuel consumption and emissions. Additionally, it may include GPS-based guidance systems for precise maneuvering and automated operations.

Safety Features: The bulldozer includes a variety of safety features to protect operators and provide a safe working environment. These features may include rollover protection structure (ROPS), falling object protection structure (FOPS), rearview cameras, and increased visibility from the cab to increase operator awareness and reduce the risk of accidents.

Ease of Maintenance and Service: Komatsu designs its equipment to be easy to maintain and service. The D575A includes convenient access points for routine maintenance, centralized lubrication points for efficient lubrication, and advanced diagnostic systems to assist in troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.


Komatsu D575A features
Komatsu D575A features




The Komatsu D575A bulldozer is a heavy-duty machine built specifically for tough earthmoving and mining tasks. Its powerful engine, large blade capacity, advanced technology and focus on operator comfort make it the preferred choice for large-scale earthmoving operations requiring strong thrust and productivity.

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