Incredible power of the hydraulic shear attachment attached to the excavator

Hydraulic shear attachments are a type of equipment that uses cutting and breaking parts specially designed for excavators. These attachments deliver excellent power for breaking hard parts such as concrete, iron and stone. It is also very effective in separating scrap metals for recycling.


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What are the main features of hydraulic shear attachment for excavators?


Tip: Hydraulic shear attachments are often divided into different types such as their width, weight and maximum cutting or breaking power. The appropriate attachment type should be selected depending on the excavator’s field of activity.


Features of excavator hydraulic shear
Features of excavator hydraulic shear




Hydraulic shear attachments use the hydraulic power of excavators to cut or break easements. Power often varies depending on the equipment of the throw and the manufacturer. A stronger attachment can enable harder materials to be applied more quickly and effectively.




The capacity of the hydraulic shear attachment indicates its ability to cut or break materials. Capacity is usually determined based on factors such as maximum cutting or breaking power and maximum width. An attachment with a large capacity allows handling of larger materials.


Mounting System


Hydraulic shear attachments are mounted on the arm or boom of the excavator. The mounting system ensures that the throw is safely mounted onto the excavator. Standard mounting systems and attachments suitable for various sizes of excavators can be provided.


Hydraulic shear of excavator
Hydraulic shear of excavator


Control System


Hydraulic shear attachments are operated from the excavator operator’s control panel. Operations are assigned through the excavator’s hydraulic systems and controlled by the operator. The control system allows cutting or breaking materials in a precise and controllable manner.

To choose a hydraulic shear attachment suitable for your excavator, it is important to consider capacities such as your excavator’s hydraulic capacity, weight and usage characteristics. It is also beneficial to choose an attachment that matches the specifications of your excavator and is made by a regular manufacturer. This is important for both security and performance.

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