CAT 993K Wheel Loader Overview

The CAT 993K Wheel Loader is manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., a well-known company in the construction and mining equipment industry. It is a model produced by. Designed for heavy-duty applications such as mining, quarrying and large-scale material handling.


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What are the specific features of the CAT 993K Wheel Loader?


Engine of CAT 993K Wheel Loader


The CAT 993K Wheel Loader is equipped with a powerful CAT C32 ACERT engine that delivers high horsepower and torque for efficient performance in harsh operating conditions. Producing 764 kW of power, the engine meets the latest emission standards and offers fuel efficiency.


Operating Weight


The operating weight of the 993K averages 133.67 tonnes, depending on configuration and additional attachments.


Bucket Capacity


The wheel loader comes with a 12.2 m³ wide bucket capacity, allowing it to transport large volumes of material efficiently. Bucket capacity may vary depending on specific model and optional attachments.




The CAT 993K typically comes with a powershift transmission that provides smooth and precise shifting between gears for optimum performance and productivity.


CAT 993K Wheel Loader Specific Features
CAT 993K Wheel Loader Specific Features


What are the other important features of the CAT 993K Wheel Loader?


Arms and Height of CAT 993K Wheel Loader


The arms of the CAT 993K Wheel Loader are designed to provide excellent reach and stability. Lift height typically (specify height range) allows for easy loading into high-sided trucks and hoppers.


Operator Comfort and Safety


CAT 993K prioritizes operator comfort and safety. It has a spacious and ergonomic cabin with intuitive controls that provide excellent visibility, low noise levels and ease of use. Safety features such as ROPS/FOPS (Roll Over Protective Structure/Falling Object Protective Structure) provide additional protection to the operator.


CAT 993K Wheel Loader Features
CAT 993K Wheel Loader Features


Productivity and Efficiency


The 993K is designed to maximize productivity and fuel efficiency. It comes with advanced technologies such as the Caterpillar Load Management System, which enables accurate weighing and efficient loading. Additional features such as automatic lubrication systems and advanced filtration systems contribute to increased uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

Please note that specific specifications and features may vary depending on the model and optional attachments selected.

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