Huge Komatsu D475A Bulldozer Ripping Hard Ground

The D475A Series produced by Komatsu is the largest bulldozer produced by the company after its older brother, the Komatsu D575A Series.


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The feature that makes the D475A Series rank at the top is its engine, which can easily pull a weight of 112,600 kg with 670 kW power. On the dimension side, it is again 11.56 m long, 5.26 m wide and 4.65 m high.


D475A Ripper
D475A Ripper


All bulldozers have a ripper at the back to soften the soil. Rippers dig into the ground and soften the ground by breaking it up with the movement of the Bulldozers. Although rippers are standard in every bulldozer, not all of them may be successful in this regard. Because it is necessary to have engines that produce 670 kW power, such as the D475A, that can push the rippers stuck into the ground approximately 1 m to 2.5 m.

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