E-Dumper, E-Mining Electric truck


Together with the E-Mining, E-Dumper electric truck, we are introducing the largest electric land vehicle ever produced. Today, electric vehicles continue to be rapidly adapted to all vehicles as technology progresses. It seems certain that we will continue to receive news of many different electric vehicles in the future, as studies show progress in this direction. First of all, it is useful to know that E-Mining, E-Dumper is not actually an electric truck made from scratch. The Komatsu 605-7HD is an electric truck that emerged from the conversion of the Giant haul truck.

E-Dumper, E-Mining going uphill
E-Dumper, E-Mining going uphill

Let’s learn with questions

How big of a battery does it take to move a truck of this size? How many hours does it take to charge such a large battery? How much energy does such a large battery consume? E-Mining, E-Dumper, How much traction power drops when the dump truck is at full load, and does a battery really have enough power to carry such a huge load? Many such questions may be stuck in your head, let’s take a look at some of the technical features of this gigantic truck.

E-Dumper, E-Mining difficult conditions
E-Dumper, E-Mining difficult conditions

E-Mining, E-Dumper technical specifications

The electric truck that emerged with the conversion of Komatsu 605-7HD haul truck by E-Mining contains lithium batteries with high performance and has a Capacity of 600 KW/H. Of course, when 600 KW hours is mentioned, you may not have an idea in mind, so to mention an example, this truck’s single battery meets all the daily electricity needs of 120 houses. The truck, which has 789 horsepower, can reach speeds of up to 40 km per hour. The electric dump truck, which is 9.2 meters long, 4.17 meters wide and 4.3 meters high, weighs 123 tons and can carry a weight of 65 tons. These trucks, which are currently used in a quarry in Switzerland, have taken the title of being the largest electric vehicle in the world.

E-Dumper, E-Mining general

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