Cat 980M Wheel Loader with 12.2 m³ Bucket Capacity

The Cat 980M is manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., a well-known construction and mining equipment company. It is a wheel loader produced by. This particular model is known for its versatility, power, and advanced features.


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What are the Specific Information of Cat 980M Wheel Loader?


Engine Power: The Cat 980M Wheel Loader is equipped with a C13 Acert engine with 278 kW engine power, providing the power needed to tackle a variety of loading and material handling tasks.

Load Capacity: It has a carrying capacity of up to 10 tons, allowing the efficient handling and transportation of large amounts of materials in construction and mining applications.

Bucket of the Cat 980M Wheel Loader: The bucket capacity of the Cat 980M Wheel Loader is 12.2 m³.

Dimensions: Cat 980M Wheel Loader measures 7.964m in length, 3.296m in Width, 3.813m in Height.

Weight: The weight of the Cat 980M Wheel Loader is 30.09t.


Cat 980M Specific Features
Cat 980M Specific Features

What Are Other Important Features of the Cat 980M Wheel Loader?

Advanced Hydraulic System: The loader features an advanced hydraulic system that provides precise control and effective power distribution, increasing productivity and fuel efficiency.

Operator Comfort and Safety of Cat 980M Wheel Loader: The Cat 980M is designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. Providing a comfortable and productive working environment, the spacious and ergonomic cabin has features such as adjustable seats, excellent visibility and intuitive controls. Additionally, safety features such as ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) protect the operator in hazardous conditions.

Versatility: This wheel loader offers versatility thanks to a variety of attachments and configurations, allowing it to perform a wide variety of tasks. It can be equipped with different types of buckets, forks, grippers and other tools to handle different materials and applications.

Technology Integration: The Cat 980M includes advanced technology features such as integrated payload weighing systems, telematics for remote monitoring and diagnostics, and optional automation capabilities for greater efficiency and productivity.

Overall, the Cat 980M is a reliable, high-performance wheel loader that excels in demanding construction and mining operations. Its strength, versatility and advanced features make it a valuable asset for a variety of material handling tasks.


Cat 980M Features
Cat 980M Features

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