Large Hydraulic Excavator Doosan DX800LC

Doosan DX800LC Excavator is a large hydraulic excavator manufactured by leading construction equipment company Doosan.


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What are the Specific Features of Doosan DX800LC Excavator?


Engine: The DX800LC is powered by the Doosan DL08 diesel engine, which is a 6-cylinder, turbocharged and aftercooled engine. The engine of the excavator, which has the 2506J engine type, produces 402 kW of power. Meets emission standards set by regulatory authorities.

Operating Weight: The base operating weight of the DX800LC excavator is approximately 79.5 t.

Bucket Capacity: Standard bucket capacity ranges from 3.6 to 4.2 cubic meters depending on configuration. Its standard bucket is 4.05 m³.

Digging Depth: The maximum digging depth of the DX800LC is approximately 8.7 meters.

Reach: The maximum horizontal reach of the excavator is approximately 14.5 metres.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The fuel tank can hold up to approximately 1,400 liters (370 gallons) of diesel fuel.

Dimensions: The length of the Doosan DX800LC Excavator is measured as 13.165m, the width is 3.56m and the height is 4.615m.


Doosan DX800LC Specific Features
Doosan DX800LC Specific Features


What are the Other Important Features of Doosan DX800LC Excavator?


Hydraulic System: The DX800LC features an advanced hydraulic system that provides precise control and efficient power distribution for a variety of attachments and functions.

Operator Comfort: The excavator is equipped with a comfortable operator cab offering excellent visibility, adjustable seating, climate control and low noise levels for greater comfort during long working hours.

Note that these specifications may vary depending on the specific configuration and optional features selected for the Doosan DX800LC excavator.


Doosan DX800LC Features
Doosan DX800LC Features

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