Actions that push the limits with JCB 3DX ECO


JCB 3DX ECO is JCB’s backhoe-loader model designed for construction and infrastructure projects. These machines are equipped with a powerful engine, high performance, durability and environmentally friendly features. The JCB 3DX ECO features an ECOMAX engine specially designed for fuel efficiency. In this way, it can both save energy and cause less harm to the environment. In addition, thanks to the powerful hydraulic systems of the JCB 3DX ECO, it provides superior performance even under harsh operating conditions. It can quickly and effectively perform many tasks such as digging, loading and transporting. The JCB 3DX ECO has been designed with operator comfort in mind. The cabin is spacious and ergonomically designed so that the operator can work comfortably even during long periods of work. It also has features that reduce noise and vibration, thus reducing operator fatigue.




The JCB 3DX ECO is also a versatile machine that can be used with a variety of attachments. It can be equipped with excavator bucket, loader bucket, traction device and many other additional accessories. In this way, it offers a multi-purpose solution for various jobs. These machines are also known for their robustness. JCB 3DX ECO also draws attention with its safety features. For example, it is equipped with large glass surfaces to improve the operator’s visibility. It also has a safety braking system that enables it to stop quickly in an emergency. The machine is also easy to maintain. With accessible components and regular maintenance points, you can easily maintain your business to keep it running.

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Other prominent features of the JCB 3DX ECO model are as follows.

The JCB 3DX ECO features a specially designed ECOMAX engine to deliver high performance and fuel efficiency. The spacious and ergonomically designed cabin provides operators comfort even during long-term work. Equipped with features that reduce noise and vibration. The JCB 3DX ECO is a versatile machine that can be used with a variety of attachments. JCB 3DX ECO prioritizes operator safety. Large glass surfaces and good visibility provide the operator with a better view of his surroundings. There are also safety systems such as the fast braking feature. Built with strong chassis and durable components. It maintains its durability and offers long-lasting performance even under harsh operating conditions.


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