Working in Hard Ground with Caterpillar 385C includes Hydraulic Ripper and Hydraulic Breaker

Caterpillar 385C Excavator has a weight of 86.5 t, its dimensions are: Length: 13.51m, Width 3.62m and Height is 4.8m. Bucket capacity is 4m³. Caterpillar 385C Excavator uses Caterpillar company’s own engine block, C18 Acert type engine. This engine produces 390 kW power.


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Two additional attachments other than the bucket can be added to the excavator to soften hard ground. These are hydraulic breaker with Ripper attachment. Ripper attachments, unlike hydraulic breakers, undertake the task of softening the hard rocky ground. The material quality of these attachments can be changed according to customer requests and the region in which they will be used. After the rocks are separated from the ground, hydraulic breakers can break them into pieces or they can be loaded directly into the truck.



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