Overview of the giant Komatsu WA1200 Wheel Loader

The WA1200 Wheel Loader is a wheel loader model produced by Komatsu, a leading construction and mining equipment manufacturer. Komatsu WA1200, which first appeared in 2012, has continued to be produced until today, keeping its current status thanks to different versions with serial numbers ranging from 1 to 6.


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Specific features of the Komatsu WA1200 Wheel Loader




The engine of the Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader is equipped with a powerful engine that provides high-performance operation. It typically has a net power rating of 1875 horsepower.


Bucket capacity of Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader


The bucket capacity of the WA1200 can vary depending on the configuration, but generally ranges from 20 to 35 cubic metres. This large bucket capacity allows for efficient loading and transportation of materials.


Operating Weight


The operating weight of the WA1200 is around 216.4 tonnes. This significant weight ensures stability and durability in heavy-duty work.


Komatsu WA1200 Specific features
Komatsu WA1200 Specific features


Other important features of Komatsu WA1200


Advanced technology


WA1200 includes advanced technological features to increase performance and efficiency. It may include features such as advanced electronics, ergonomic controls and smart machine monitoring systems.


Productivity and Efficiency


The WA1200 is designed for high productivity and efficiency in demanding applications such as mining, quarrying and heavy construction. It is equipped with various features to optimize fuel consumption and improve cycle times.


Operator Comfort and Safety


Komatsu focuses on operator comfort and safety in its equipment, including the WA1200. It typically has a spacious cabin equipped with ergonomic controls, air conditioning and excellent visibility. Safety features may include rearview cameras, automatic locking differentials and advanced braking systems.


Komatsu WA1200 features
Komatsu WA1200 features


Please note that the above information is a general overview and specifications may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of the Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader.

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