Large Modes of Transportation

How large loads should be transported is always a matter of high importance. Huge machines produced by companies to serve a specific purpose are usually transported piece by piece. In some cases, the machine must be installed in the factory and transported to the place where it will operate. This is the most challenging type of transportation.


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When designing a standard machine with continuity, manufacturers pay attention to the transportation, packaging and easy disassembly of the machine, but transportation of single-job projects is quite challenging. Here, it would be the wisest move to leave the transportation process in the hands of expert teams. Otherwise, the slightest mistake will have serious material or moral consequences.


What are the methods for determining how to handle a large-scale shipment?


How large-scale transportation is carried out depends entirely on the design of the cargo and how long it will take. To be more specific, it varies depending on the size, number, speed and distance of the machine to be transported. The following methods are generally applied to transport any standard load and large loads.


Big Transportation
Big Transportation


Land Transportation


Trucks, trains and other land transportation vehicles are the most commonly used methods of transporting large loads.


Sea transport


In this transportation method, large amounts of cargo are generally transported by container ships or cargo ships.


Airways transporting


Another important type of transportation is airplanes, which are used in emergencies that require speed and for the transportation of sensitive loads, and are preferred in air transportation.


Railway Transportation


Trains can be preferred for transporting long distances and large volumes of cargo, if they are convenient on the route.




Another method that we do not hear about very often is pipelines. Certain types of cargo, such as liquid or gas, can be transported through pipelines. It is frequently used to transport products such as oil and natural gas.


Intermodal Transportation


It is a mode of transportation in which different transportation modes (road, railway, sea) are used together. This method is preferred to reduce costs and optimize transit times.

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