JCB 205 Excavator breaks up unwanted large rocks with its powerful hydraulic breaker

The JCB 205 Excavator is a compact construction machine and is designed for a variety of construction and excavation applications.


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What are the specific features of the JCB 205 Excavator?


Operating Weight: Weight of JCB 205 Excavator is 20.5 t.

Engine Power of JCB 205 Excavator: JCB 205 Excavator is equipped with a low-emission and fuel-efficient Yanmar engine. Additionally, this engine produces 104 kW of power.

Dimensions: JCB 205 Excavator’s length: 9.63m, width: 2.7m and height is 3.12m. In addition, the maximum excavation depth of the Excavator is measured as 3.61 m, and the Maximum Range at Ground Level is measured as 6.53 m.

Bucket Capacity Range: JCB 205 Excavator has two different bucket options: 0.9 m³ – 1.02 m³.


CB 205 Excavator specific features
CB 205 Excavator specific features


Other important features of the JCB 205 Excavator are as follows:


Hydraulic System of JCB 205 Excavator: It is equipped with a hydraulic system that offers high performance with low consumption.

Cabin: Features ergonomic controls, good visibility and noise-reducing cabin design to increase operator comfort.

Easy Maintenance and Service: It has a design with easily accessible components, so maintenance and service operations can be carried out easily.

Durability: It is a long-lasting and reliable machine as it has a solid chassis, durable materials and innovative components.


JCB 205 Excavator features
JCB 205 Excavator features


JCB 205 Excavator overview


JCB 205 Excavator is a compact and powerful machine designed to provide efficient work in construction projects. It can be used in various applications and prioritizes operator comfort with user-friendly features.

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