Impressive Performance of the CAT 988K Wheel Loader

The CAT 988K Wheel Loader is a heavy-duty machine designed for a variety of construction and mining applications.


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What are the Specific Features of the CAT 988K Wheel Loader?


Operating Weight: The weight of the CAT 988K Wheel Loader is 51.06 tons.

Engine Power: CAT 988K Wheel loader is powered by the CAT C18 ACERT engine, which provides high performance and fuel efficiency. The CAT C18 ACERT engine produces 405 kW of power, allowing the loader to reach 40 km/h while operating. The engine also has Tier 4 Final emissions certification.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The fuel tank of the CAT 988K wheel loader is 889 liters (235 gallons).

Bucket Capacity: The loader is equipped with a variety of bucket options to suit different material handling needs. Bucket capacity ranges from 6.2 to 14.0 cubic yards. The standard bucket capacity that comes with the loader is 6.9 m³.


CAT 988K Specific Features
CAT 988K Specific Features


Other Key Features of the CAT 988K Wheel Loader


Operator Comfort: The 988K offers a spacious and comfortable cab with excellent visibility. The seat is adjustable and has suspension, providing extra comfort during long working hours. The controls are ergonomically designed for ease of use.

Advanced Technologies: It has advanced technologies to increase productivity and efficiency. This includes the Cat Production Metering system, which provides real-time data on load status and material movement.

Safety Features: The CAT 988K Wheel Loader emphasizes operator safety with features such as an optional rearview camera, advanced braking system and soundproof cab to reduce noise levels.


CAT 988K Features
CAT 988K Features


CAT 988K Wheel Loader Overview


The CAT 988K Wheel Loader is known for its powerful performance, high bucket capacities and operator comfort. With its advanced technologies and safety features, it offers efficient and safe working opportunities in harsh working environments.

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