Giant Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator Weighing 533 Tons

Hitachi EX5600-6 is one of the large size mining excavators produced by Hitachi Construction Machinery. The production of the series, which first appeared in 2017, is currently continuing. Here is everything you want to know about the Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator.


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Specific features of the Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator


Engine of Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator


The Hitachi EX5600-6 excavator is powered by a high-performance diesel engine with 1,050 horsepower. This engine has 16 cylinders and produces 1398 kW of power. Its powerful engine ensures high productivity and efficiency in larger volume mining projects.


Operating Weight


The operating weight of the Hitachi EX5600-6 is approximately 533 t. Stop. This shows that the excavator has a solid construction and provides heavy-duty durability.


Bucket Capacity


The standard bucket of the Hitachi EX5600-6 excavator is 29 m³ and it has bucket capacity options ranging from 27-45 m³. This ensures that the excavator can effectively transport various types of materials.


Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator Specific features
Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator Specific features


Other highlights of the Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator




Hitachi EX5600-6 is an excavator with a crawler chassis. This chassis makes it easy for the excavator to move on uneven ground and provide stability.


Control System of Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator


Hitachi EX5600-6 has advanced control systems. This system allows the operator to precisely control the excavator. Additionally, it can provide advantages such as automatic excavation and optimized operating parameters.


Mining Applications


Large-sized excavators such as the Hitachi EX5600-6 are generally used in the mining industry for jobs that require large volumes of material movement. This type of excavators are widely used in the extraction of coal, iron, copper, gold and other precious metals.


Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator features
Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator features


Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator Overview


Hitachi EX5600-6 Excavator is an excavator used effectively in large mining projects with its durable structure, high power and large bucket capacity. Its high efficiency and robust structure make it easier to transport large amounts of materials in mines, while it provides high production speed and efficiency thanks to its powerful engine.

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