Giant features of the Cat 994K Wheel Loader

The Cat 994K Wheel Loader has been in its final form since 2015 and its production continues today, keeping it up to date. The Cat 994K Wheel Loader is a heavy-duty transport and loading machine manufactured by Caterpillar. This giant loader is designed for use in large construction projects, mining operations and the transportation industry. 994K is known for its high performance, durability and efficiency.


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The Cat 994K Wheel Loader cab is exceptionally comfortable. The power of the machine also provides great performance power. Buckets can be ordered in sizes according to each sector. The machines made by Caterpillar are built to last for a long time. The Cat 994K Wheel Loader can therefore be considered a long-term investment.


Cat 994K Wheel Loader
Cat 994K Wheel Loader


Again, in terms of reliability, the leader Caterpillar is always the standard and everyone takes it as an example. It’s not just reliability, but what Caterpillar and Hatings do particularly well is the support you get to make sure you don’t have a problem.


Key highlights of the Cat 994K Wheel Loader


Power and Performance

The engine provides high power with the Cat C32 ACERT engine. Engine Power: Standard 990 horsepower (736 kW), optionally 1090 horsepower (813 kW). It offers high performance with a weight of approximately 240 t.


Operational Efficiency


Payload Capacity offers increased capacity from an integrated workload of 32.9 cubic meters (43.0 cubic yards).
Bulk Material: Designed for bulk material, it has the ability to work quickly and effectively.
Fuel Efficiency: The Cat C32 engine optimizes fuel economy.


Comfort and Safety

Operator Cabin, A large and comfortable operator cabin equipped with sound and vibration isolation.
Visibility is optimized for operator safety and work efficiency with a 360-degree field of view.


Technology and Control

Cat GRADE Control System is a control system that facilitates automatic leveling and excavation applications.
Cat PAYLOAD Excavation Weighing System is a system that automatically measures and records load weight.
Connectivity Options offers a variety of connectivity options such as Cat Production Management (CPM) or Cat MineStar Fleet Management System.


Cat 994K Wheel Loader features
Cat 994K Wheel Loader features

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