Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer Pushing Huge Stone

D8T Bulldozer, which Caterpillar has been producing for more than 20 years, operates with an engine that produces 231 kW of power. This engine is Caterpillar’s own C15 Acert engine type. When we look at the dimensions of the bulldozer, whose weight is 37.2 t, we see that the height is 3.46 m, the width is 3.06 m and the length is 7.87 m.


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You need a bulldozer with a powerful engine to move huge rocks and level the ground in the work area. This power does not only include Caterpillar’s D8T bulldozer, but all of the company’s bulldozers are among the largest and most powerful bulldozers in the world in their class.


D8T Bulldozer
D8T Bulldozer

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