Unloading the Bulldozer from the truck without a ramp.

It is very risky to unload the bulldozer from the trailer without a ramp. Bulldozers have high weights in terms of tonnage. The slightest disruption in this process can cause serious damage to the Bulldozer or trailer. For this reason, it is a much better choice to use trailers with elevators when loading and unloading heavy-duty machines such as bulldozers.


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You may not always be able to arrange a trailer with a lift on the construction site. In this case, you will need a skilled operator to unload the bulldozer from the trailer. It is very important on the ground. You can load the bulldozer directly from a height so that it is flat on the trailer. If there is no height, it would be a good option to try to create a hill from the ground with a bulldozer at trailer level on the construction site.


Unload Bulldozer without ramp
Unload Bulldozer without ramp

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