Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer’s big blade and powerful features.

Komatsu D375A-8 is a powerful bulldozer designed for heavy-duty applications, offering excellent performance, durability and operator comfort.


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Specific features of Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer


Engine of Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer

The D375A-8 is equipped with the Komatsu SAA6D170E-7 engine. This engine has 6 cylinders and has a net horsepower of 610 hp (455 kW). The engine meets emission standards such as Tier 4 Final.


Operating weight

The basic operating weight of the Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer is 72.9 t. Weight may vary depending on machine configuration and optional equipment.


Blade Capacity

The bulldozer is equipped with a large blade for efficient dozing operations. The blade’s capacity is approximately 24 cubic meters (31.4 cubic yards). Different types of cutting edges can be fitted to adapt to various operating conditions.


Speed and Performance of Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer

Maximum forward speed is approximately 11.6 km/h (7.2 mph).
Maximum reverse speed is approximately 14.0 km/h (8.7 mph).
In addition to speed information, the Bulldozer is designed to provide reliable performance in harsh operating conditions.



Komatsu D375A-8 bulldozer’s length is 10.56 m, width: 4.775 m, height: 4.278 m.


Komatsu D375A-8 bulldozer Specific features
Komatsu D375A-8 bulldozer Specific features


Other important features of the Komatsu D375A-8 bulldozer


Ripper Attachment of Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer

A ripper attachment can be attached to the rear of the Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer. Ripper options include single-ended or multi-ended configuration. The remover enables efficient disassembly and breakthrough operations.


Operator Comfort and Safety

D375A-8 provides a comfortable and spacious operator cabin. The cabin has excellent visibility and a well-designed control layout. The air conditioning system provides a comfortable working environment. Safety features such as ROPS and FOPS have been added to protect the operator.


Technology Integration

The bulldozer supports the Komatsu intelligent Machine Control (iMC) system. The iMC system allows automatic blade control, increasing efficiency and precision. The machine is equipped with telematics and GPS-based tracking for remote management and real-time data analysis.


Komatsu D375A-8 bulldozer features
Komatsu D375A-8 bulldozer features


Please note that the specifications given here are general and may vary depending on the specific model, configuration and optional equipment selected for the Komatsu D375A-8 bulldozer.

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