Heavy Equipment Truck Operator Failed While Trying to Carry Excessive Load

Using trucks beyond their capacity puts both yourself and other drivers at risk. If your customer asks you for a load of 20 tons and you have a truck with a capacity of 15 tons, it would be correct to deliver the load with two trucks.


YouTube video


Trucks carrying loads exceeding their capacity are prone to all kinds of accidents. To explain these with a few examples: An overloaded truck tipping over on a curve. A truck that enters a ditch on the road also lies on its side in the same way. Increase in stopping distance. Uncontrolled following distance. The truck backing up on hills or the brakes not working on descents. These examples can be increased much more.




Trucks are offered to the market with confidence in the tests carried out in their own capacities during the production processes. Going beyond these limits will not save you time, on the contrary, it may cause much worse results.

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