Features of the Caterpillar 992G that allow it to Load Trucks with a Single Bucket.

Caterpillar 992G is a wheel loader among the large construction machines. One of the features that makes it great is its bucket with a capacity of 11.5 m³. 11.5 m³ bucket is enough to fill a standard dump truck in one go. This is a move aimed entirely at speeding up work in the mine and increasing efficiency.


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When we look at the other features of the Caterpillar 992G Wheel Loader, its weight is 95.5 t. Its dimensions are measured as carrying length 15.585 m, width 4.516 m and height 9.415 m. It produces 610 kW of power with Caterpillar’s own engine, the 3508 BEUI type engine.



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